gradually revolutionizing the oil and gas industry

Marine Transportation

Our Area of operations in the Marine and Special Transportation Services include the supplies and operation of the various types of coastal and sea going vessel for both the upstream and downstream sectors of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.

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Growth Profile

Since the onset of civilian rule there has been rapid development of the deep offshore fields. This has resulted in the major international ship-owners focusing on the large powerful and largely new vessels brought in from the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, and this trend was encouraged by a lax supervisory regime. The oil companies have tightened up on compliance and the Government has insisted that indigenous owners get a share in their own market.

The move offshore has resulted in access to the smaller inshore work for indigenous owners whilst heightened monitoring of compliance to the various regulatory regimes has chased much of the elderly tonnage away to the scrap for a few years yet, mostly in the hands of indigenous companies.

We have established good working relationship with various Boats building yards such as Damen Shipyard in Holland, Horizon Shipyard in Alabama USA, And INP Heavy Industries, the shipyard to Hyundai Industries Korea for construction and fabrication of Boats.

Our Fleet of boats

  • 2 landing Craft Boat for SPDC Operation in Ogunu, Warri.

  • 1 Food Run Boat for SPDC Operation in Ogunu, Warri.

  • 1 Crew Supply Vessel to Nigeria Agip Oil Company in Beniboye.

  • 1 Crew Passenger Vessel to Chevron Nigeria LTD in Escravous. 

Also, We have technical assistance agreement with Tidewater Marine (Nigeria) Limited for Vessel operation and Maintenance.

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